About Stubborn Fat

stubborn fat

Whether it’s on your hips, thighs, double chin or tummy, stubborn fat is an annoyance at the best of times. In most cases, it’s the product of our genetics, hormones or dietary habits.

If you are struggling to lose weight through diet and exercise and have given up due to lack of visible results, you may be the right candidate for Coolsculpting. It is the new non-surgical body contouring treatment, which is safe and has permanent effects. Both the medical world as well as the media is raving about this procedure, which has minimal downtime, as best-suited for the modern lifestyle of the people.

Coolsculpting, or Cryolipolisis, is the technique of freezing and, thereby, destroying the fat cells. The frozen fat cells,
which are shrunken and destroyed, are eventually removed from the body by its natural processes. The number of fat cells in an adult human remains the same. It is the excessive fat stored in these fat cells by the body, which contributes to the weight gain of the person.

Weight loss through controlled diet and exercise does not destroy the fat cells in the body. It just shrinks them temporarily. These cells will grow back to its original size again later. Cool sculpting, on the other hand, destroys the fat cells through the application of controlled cooling at the targeted area of the body. These frozen fat cells never grow back and are completely removed from the body, eventually.


This treatment is ideal for reducing fat in those areas of your body that does not respond to diet and exercise like abdomen, thighs, upper arm, flank, etc. The following are some of the things to know before you opt for Coolscultping:

  1. It is FDA approved, safe and non-invasive treatment.
  2. It causes minimal discomfort and does not require anesthesia. Many patients watch videos or listen to the music during the procedure.
  3. A trained practitioner works in one area of the body at a session. Each session may last an hour. Some areas may need more than one sitting to freeze all the fat cells.
  4. It needs minimal downtime. Most of the patients return to work the very same day. The sensitivity, redness, and cramps in the area of the procedure will go away within a couple of days. The practitioner usually massages the target area after the treatment, to help it recover faster.
  5. It takes more than a week to observe results of the treatment. For some patients, it may take few months to see visible results.

Treatments for Stubborn Fat

At Body Dezign House, we have various treatment options and strategies to attack stubborn fat.

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