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Personalised Program

A 30 minute consult where you will sit down with me and we will discuss your goals and injuries.

From this I will write you a program.

Cost $80.00

Body Measurements

If you are monitoring the progress of your weight-loss efforts, taking your body measurements is one of a number of ways to do this. It can be used to monitor your body-fat percent, and also your lean muscle mass.

It will involve taking girth measurements of your chest, waist, arms and thighs. But the most useful information will come from the skin-fold measurements taken using calipers at a number of sites such as the biceps, triceps, sub-scapular (below the shoulder blades), hips and thighs. These measurements will then be put into a formula (specific to your age and activity levels) to determine your body-fat percent and lean muscle mass.

Allow about 20 minutes for this.

I will then contact you in 6 weeks to organise to take the measurements again to track your progress.

Cost $60.00