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Are you buying or selling residential property anywhere in Queensland?  Let McNamara Law do the ‘heavy lifting’ for you!

Buying and selling property can be a confusing and stressful process. Property is, for most of us, the highest value asset we will ever own and the pressure is on to make all the right decisions!

Our experienced and friendly conveyancers are here to keep things as simple as possible, helping our clients buy or sell a property, quickly, efficiently and stress-free!

Ready to make
a start?

Are you Buying or Selling Property?
Ready to make a Start?

Our online systems allow you to get started anywhere, any time.

We can also assemble your complete relationship history online, which will help us reduce costs if you book in for an appointment.

How We Help

No matter what stage you are at of selling your property, it is time to put the transaction in the hands of a professional.

Whether you have just decided to put your property on the market, you have an interested Buyer or you have secured a signed Contract, we suggest contacting McNamara’s as soon as possible. We believe that ‘knowledge is power’ therefore we can give you sound legal advice which will make you knowledgeable about every step of the sale process.

Are you aware of your contractual rights as a Seller? What if the Buyer requests extensions? What do I need to do to release my mortgage? Wouldn’t you rather be fully aware of the process and have us with you every step of the way?

Scope of Work for Selling a Property

  • Open file and conduct title and plan searches and diarise critical dates
  • Contact client and advise of further steps of Conveyance
  • Draft initial correspondences to client, agent and Buyer’s Solicitors
  • Monitoring critical key dates (such as finance approval, building and pest inspections and special conditions)
  • Follow up outstanding conditions, deposits and return of forms
  • All phone and physical attendances (other than for Additional Services)
  • First extension of time for any condition (eg finance and settlement)
  • Send Discharge Authority to Mortgagee
  • Assist with correct signing of Transfer of Land documents
  • Liaising with your Mortgagee in readiness for settlement, booking in settlement and obtain a payout figure 
  • Obtain Tax Invoice from Real Estate Agent
  • Peruse rates / water / land tax notices or searches for calculation of settlement adjustments
  • Prepare settlement figures  
  • Letter to client with Settlement Information
  • Attending Settlement in Ipswich or arranging a Settlement Agent to attend settlement in Brisbane / Gold Coast (Agent’s fees apply)
  • Reporting to you on the outcome of Settlement
  • Advise Real Estate Agent of Settlement and post their commission cheque (if applicable)
  • Banking settlement funds to nominated accounts if branches located in Ipswich or Springfield
  • Final letter to client enclosing Settlement statement and account


Get In Touch

Contact us to discuss your situation and best course of action. We understand your time is valuable and offer consultations via Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams or phone call. Let McNamara Law help you find your legal solution today!

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Let our experience guide you

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